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This online Multipurpose website page for all Viewer/Users/Subscribers/Company Employees & staffs And Others Area on demands for the purpose of Personal Database by using SignUp with Verification and then Authorised Person can Login this site and use all given features. Unknown email id can not be granted for accessing login, created by qeltors.com does not allow any contents uploading, downloading, sharing & spreading which against Public Interest and Indian Constitution & Law & Order norms and any country law. All just information is providing by this site as per self feeding from Viewer/ Users/ Subscribers/ Company Employees & staffs And Others Area . And This Website & No one is imposing any one to do as mandatory untill or unless mandatory require by a Company & institute or Others Area demanding. We/Qeltors.com are not liable for any personal loss or damage and wrong data feeding . Whereas Qeltors.com does not proivde any data to third party without permission of Viewer/ Users/ Subscribers/ Company Employees & staffs And Others Area. Data only provide to a legal Company & Institue those who Known & taken Qeltors.com services asking from their own employees, staffs and users.

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